How PlayMap works

To start, click the ‘CREATE SESSION’ window. Choose the date of the session you are planning. Browse through what’s in each category.

Click ‘Like’ to highlight activities that appeal to you (this highlight will disappear if you leave this category and enter another).

Click ‘+’ to include the activity in your session plan. Activity titles chosen will appear on the right - to delete an activity click on the ‘x’.

Click ‘SAVE' to save your session plan so you can return to it at a later time.

To plan your next session, click the ‘CREATE SESSION’ window, select the next session’s date and continue your planning.

To UPDATE / DELETE a session, click on one of sessions in session list window ( top right hand corner ). Add new activities and click 'UPDATE' top update the session. Click 'DELETE' button to delete the session.

Once you have finished planning your sessions, select ‘SAVE AS PDF’ or ‘PRINT’.

Click ‘EXIT’ to leave the Play Map.