Enjoy the journey

When planning activities consider the age, stage and development of the children.

Follow children’s interests; allow time for children to explore, experiment and use their imagination.

Children learn by doing, focus on the process not the end product.

Create a balance between child-directed and adult-directed play.

Children learn when parents are involved and supportive of their efforts.

Asking questions help children to think more deeply about their engagement with experiences. This is a way adults scaffold children’s learning.

Reflective questioning below and in the context of PlayMap helps children think and reflect on what they already know and find more information about things that interest them. 

Help support children build on existing skills and knowledge by asking:

  • “What other ways could you …”
  • “What do you know about…?”

To support children’s exploration, investigation ask:

  • “What else might work?”
  • “How would you fix that …?”
  • “What other ways could you …?”